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DAEM online is an innovative platform on which you can enjoy our advisory services and administrative BPO in a new 100% digital model including advice through videoconferences with our advisors and the use of an advanced document manager (available from September 2018).

Advantages of online advisory


A flexible solution that adapts to your needs. Through our experience in business advisory, we have optimized a range of services in different advisory services packages for different types of businesses. Additionally, we offer an option to hire additional services to specific needs that may arise, so that you only pay for the use that you do of our services.

Accesible and available

Regardless of where you are, or when you want to access detailed information about your business, Daem provides you with access to your business information from a smartphone or tablet to interact easily and quickly. With our tools, you can send quickly and easily any file, upload invoices to the system, consult any type of information of your business (taxes, payroll, sales report, expenses, etc.), detail of invoices and pending balances of any provider or specific client, make a video conference with your advisor, among many other applications that improve and streamline the daily management of your business.

With the support of the best professionals

We provide you with our experience as traditional advisory firm and the best professionals in each area and sector at an affordable price adapted to your needs. Our professionals can add great value to your business and, being in continuous training, can offer you a true competitive advantage that goes far beyond the core services of administrative outsourcing.

With DAEM’s quality and guarantee

We ensure the same level of service and guarantees that have made us gain our client’s trust in more than 40 years of history with extensive experience in the business management from development of corporate strategy, daily accounting, economic-financial analysis, tax management, capital raising ... until the disposal of the business itself.

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