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At Daem, we firmly believe that an entrepreneur must focus on his business and obtain the best performance from it. Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) is a strategic tool that provides benefits of cost reduction and productivity improvements.


At Daem we support our clients by advising them on the day-to-day management of their businesses, as well as offering a broad range of outsourcing services for different processes for which more and more specialists are required: fiscal and tax, accounting, labor, commercial registry management, financial, IT technologies, insurance and real estate management.

1. Fiscal and tax area

Constant changes in tax regulation requires companies to have specialized and qualified advice.

Our team of professionals is specialized in tax services to ensure compliance with tax obligations and to help them reducing tax expenses with advisory services on the day-to-day management of their business.



  • Registration of businesses and self-employed and dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Legalization of industries and businesses.
  • Advice and preparation of all types of tax returns and personal income statements.
  • Management of Tax Agency requirements and technical advice on Tax Inspections.
  • Advice on taxation on inheritances.
  • Advice on Transfer Pricing.
  • Advice and preparation of balance sheets and official books and legalization of official books.
2. Accounting area

The basis for making business decisions is accurate, timely and reliable information.

At Daem, through our accounting services, we contribute to correct decision-making process, recording all operations generated by our clients in their business daily operations, preparing periodic financial reports, while they focus on developing and expanding their business.

Additionally, we perform administrative tasks, issuing invoices, managing collections, managing payments, etc.




  • Economic and financial analysis, audits and opinions.
  • Support and preparation of accounting and operations registries.
  • Journal, general ledger and balances.
  • Preparation of official accounting books and annual reports.
  • Preparation of periodic reports.
  • Analytical accounting.
  • Consolidation of financial statements.
  • Preparation of cash flow forecasts.
  • Cash flow management (including payment to suppliers and employees).
  • Opening and monitoring of bank accounts.
  • Assistance to auditors.
  • Disposition, liquidation and insolvency statements.
3. Labour area

Success of any business is largely due to a correct interaction of people that form it. In  Daem, we have specialists in labour law and human resources management.



  • Employment contracts preparation.
  • Contracts and salary documentation preparation.
  • Grants applications and management.
  • Payroll development and management.
  • Labor settlements (Social Security registrations....) preparation and payment.
  • Management of ceases, dismissals and retirements.
  • Mediation in labour conciliations.
  • Management of social benefits and other compensations.
  • Management of Social Security procedures.
  • Law on the Prevention of Risk in the Workplace advisory.
  • Customised Employee Portal
4. Economic and financial area

A correct financial planning of a business is a critical element to ensure its sustainability over time. At Daem, we have a specialized team in advising and managing all types of businesses to support our customers in the daily management of their operations.



  • Multi-annual business strategy and long-term objectives review.
  • Business plans and annual budgets development and review.
  • Budgets, objectives, projects and annual deviations analysis.
  • Commercial Due Diligences.
  • Specific projects and business feasibility analysis.
  • Cash-flow management.
  • Cash-flow reports and analysis.
  • Customized Balanced Scorecard development and analysis.
  • Productive processes analysis.
  • Pricing strategy and cost structure analysis.
5. Commercial and corporate legislation area

Compliance with all legal requirements is essential to ensure the sustainability of any business over time. At Daem we help our clients to comply with all their commercial and corporate obligations so that at all times they have the peace of mind that their company complies with current legislation. In addition, we expose all legal options available in any situation.


  • Setting-up of companies.
  • Planning of its corporate structure: creations, mergers and modifications.
  • Elaboration of deeds and commercial agency contracts.
  • Support in financing and banking refinancing.
  • Preparation of appointments and cease of positions and powers.
  • Inscriptions in commercial registers.
  • Generation of minute books.
  • Counseling in the relations between partners and company and in the defense of minority partners.
  • Advice or representation of partners in the Board of Directors.
  • Legalization of official books.
  • Corporate domicile transfer.
  • Preparation of administrative procedures and resources.
  • Preparation of capital modifications (increases or reductions).
  • Advice and drafting of amendments to by-laws.
  • Actions or representations before any public Organism.
  • Internationalization of companies.
  • Preparation of official annual reports.
  • Advice on the dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Counseling during insolvencies.
  • Social, legal and commercial development (including mail and goods management and availability of meeting rooms).
6. Information & Technology area

At Daem we invest in latest technologies and high quality processes and efficient management to offer the best services to our customers as we consider technology a great ally in managing businesses. Therefore, we complement our service offering with IT services through agreements with recognised IT partners.


  • Computer networks installation and maintenance.
  • Microsoft Windows Server installation and management.
  • Administration software (POS, ERP ...) installation and maintenance
  • Horizontal administration software.
  • Advisory and organization of IT systems.
  • Computer auditing.
  • Web pages design and programming.
7. Insurance area

At Daem offer insurance brokerage services exclusively to our clients, ensuring their economic interests at all times and saving unnecessary expenses in insurance by offering a trustworthy service to design and place in the market, among the multiple insurance companies, customized insurance programs, administer policies and process claims to defend their interest.



  • Wide offer of insurance products for individuals: home, health, car, motorcycle, life, death, savings, travel, bicycles, pets, etc.
  • Wide offer of insurance products for companies: fleets, damages, affinity groups, social welfare, transport, civil liability, health groups, credit and surety, directors and managers, decennial...
  • Agreements with the main insurance companies with the best conditions.
  • As independent consultants, we can look for the best products and offer an impartial comparison based on coverages and prices.
  • Personalized advice without cost increase offering the best price and the best coverage.
  • Assignment of a consultant for all contracts.
  • Representation and defense of the interest of our clients before third parties.

Most entrepreneurs consider that hiring consultants to solve complex problems or define business strategies is only available to large companies. While large companies have more resources and are more aware of the importance of making strategic decisions, SMEs can also benefit greatly from consulting services.

For this reason, at Daem, we put at the service of our clients more than 40 years of experience in management and consulting of all types of companies, from SMEs to large multinationals, offering consulting services to help our clients solve complex problems and in the design and implementation of their business strategy.

1. Strategy and operations

A correct study and strategic planning allows to anticipate problems and facilitate business success. For this reason, at Daem we accompany our clients in the definition and achievement of their objectives. We work to connect your strategic vision with measurable and quantifiable results in your daily operations.



  • Review and elaboration of strategic and business plans.
  • Support in the decision-making process.
  • Organization and management auditing.
  • Improvement opportunities and value creation levers identification.
  • Growth plans review and development.
  • Business plans viability analysis.
  • Internalization and diversification plans development.
  • Commercial and Strategic Due Diligences.
  • Restructuring.
  • Family businesses succession plans.
  • Balanced Scorecards Systems development.
  • Internationalization and growth strategies support.
2. Human Resources

A good Human Resources management is key for any business, especially in those sectors more intensive in personnel (consumption and services). Our specialists in human resources management support the entrepreneur in the analysis, diagnosis and implementation of changes in the organizational structure and in the recruitment and selection processes.

In addition, with our subcontracting administrative staff, Daem becomes your trusted partner to assemble and / or complement your financial department, both for fixed and temporary positions, supported by our deep knowledge and our extensive network of contacts.

At Daem we have the resources and experience to find the right professionals when and how our customers need them.


  • Analysis, evaluation and diagnosis of the Human Resources function.
  • Review and design of the Organizational Structure.
  • Advice and design of specific training programs.
  • Design of a performance evaluation system.
  • Incentives schemes development.
  • Employment contracts (including senior management) advisory and preparation.
  • Recruitment and selection.


Additionally, we offer subcontracting staff services:

  • Recruitment and hiring with guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Staffing for administrative support (accounting and fiscal specialists) for short and long term for both operational and intermediate management positions.
  • Staffing for financial management (chief financial officer).
  • Staffing to support general management (attached to general director).


At Daem we understand that the management of a business includes periods in which financing is needed, inorganic growth operations are planned or, simply, it is desired to divest and sell the business capturing the greatest value as possible from it. That is why, with our Transaction Advisory Services, we help our clients to successfully carry out a corporate transaction buying or selling a business, an asset or a company and creating value through their merger, acquisition, financing, divestment or restructuring. Our team offers a wide range of advisory services to help create a long-term growth strategy for your company.



  • Advice and feasibility study in the establishment of a new businesses.
  • Administrative management in the establishment of new companies.
  • Advice on shareholders agreements.
  • Appointment of administrators and attorneys.
  • Management of a process to sale, acquire or merge a company.
  • Support and follow-up in fundraising processes.
  • Restructuring and transformation plans.
  • Valuation of companies, businesses and assets.
  • Commercial and strategic due diligence.
  • Financial due diligence.
  • Fiscal due diligence.
  • Labor due diligence.
  • Identification of synergies and development of plans to capture them.
  • Calculation and assessment of synergies.
  • Risk and mitigation analysis in a transaction.
  • Design and management of the integration office (PMO).

Having a global vision of overall family wealth helps to better understand the needs of our customers. For this reason we offer wealth advisory services to families and clients on main asset classes (financial assets, real estate and real economy operations) with a global vision of our client’s wealth. Offering a wide range of services from the establishment of the investment strategy to the monitoring and control of portfolios.



  • Review and establishment of the investment strategy.
  • Financial advice and asset allocation according to the investment strategy established.
  • Review and recommendation of an optimal financial structure.
  • Consolidation of different banking entities’ positions to offer a global view of the portfolio.
  • Design of monitoring and controlling tools.
  • Ethical investments filtering (solidary, ethical and sustainable).


Each sector has its own peculiarities and every advisor must know them. At Daem, our professionals work in multidisciplinary teams specialized in the different sectors of activity. In this way, our clients can count on professional experts with deep knowledge of the sector of activity in which they act and have experience on it.
Due to our multidisciplinary advisory approach, we develop solutions that take into account all the necessary aspects. Thanks to our long experience as advisors, we are aware of the vast majority of sectors.
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