We offer the latest technological advances in business management


At Daem, we are committed to technology, offering solutions for the complete digitalization of your business's documentary management. Providing the possibility to access all the information and documentation about your business from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

Document manager

Our document management service allows an efficient and systematic control of the creation, reception, maintenance, use and disposal of all types of documents:

  • Access documentation easily and instantaneously: Allows the optimization of administrative documentation management, eliminating physical displacements and providing an effective management and control over all the documents of your company.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Two-way communications system: upload and download, also share your documents quickly, easily and in an orderly way.
  • Notifications: you will be notified automatically every time we generate new files.
  • Instant and organized documentation in the most effective way: thanks to our trajectory we have created an optimal organizational system of relevant business documentation, from company's own deeds to taxes presented, through labor contracts or any type of accountanting document.
  • Digital signature of documents.
  • Access from anywhere: the manager is accessible from any mobile device or tablet .
Document manager Document manager
Employee Portal

We offer a unique and personalized Employee Portal, through which your employees will have access to all their work history, including contracts and payroll on a monthly basis.

This innovative service allows the decentralization of the administrative tasks of the department, involving employees and process managers such as requesting vacations and permits, consulting and downloading salary sheets and updating employee data among others, improving thus internal communication and allowing more time to assign tasks of greater value for Human Resources.

Employee Portal Employee Portal

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